Discover the Camera Gear of the World's Best Photographers

Peek inside the bags of the world's best photographers! Discover what camera gear the pros use. Get inspired and take your photography to the next level!





Over 2 hours of Bonus Video Footage!

18 actionable tips from the pros that will Improve your Photography Skills and Grow your Photography Business today!

Master Wedding Photography
Tips and tricks from Daniel and Lindsay Stark for you to use at your next wedding to produce your best ever photography.
Grow your Instagram
Learn from Robert J Hill (28k Instagram followers) how to grow a large and engaged Instagram audience and use targeted social media to book more work!
Improve your Photojournalism
Award winning photographer Kirsten Lewis teaches how to combine psychology and camera skills to create engaging portraits.
**FREE** Lightroom Hot Tips eBook
Improve your workflow with Lightroom Hot Tips, featuring 11 power users tips and tricks for Lightroom 6.

Over 30 World Class Photographers

Learn the secret tools of their trade and the reasoning behind their gear.

Ross Harvey, Nordica, Bruno Rosa, James Day, Emin Kuliyev, Dan O'Day, Citlalli Rico, Ben Sasso, Sam Hurd, David & Davina, The Uppermost, Sean Flanigan, Dixie Dixon, Todd McGaw, Mike Kelley, Jennifer Moher, Damien Lovegrove, Tim Kemple, Jay Cassario, Daniel & Lindsay Stark, Anotnio Cuellar, Fer Juaristi and more...

Gabe McClintock

Wedding & Boudoir

Learn what gear Gabe uses to create his signature look, and what camera he chose to force himself to find the best light.

Dixie Dixon

Fashion, Commercial

World famous Nikon ambassador and international Fashion photographer gives us a peek inside her camera bag.

Two Mann Studio

Wedding & Portrait

Known for creating some of the most mind blowing images in the industry, Lanny and Erika finally reveal their secrets.

Ross Harvey

Wedding & Street

Named one of the World's Best Wedding Photographers, Ross's images combine stunning fine art and quirky photojournalism.

Antonio Cuellar


Learn how one of the best luxury hotel photographers in the world uses this impressive array of equipment.

Dave Hill

Commercial, Advertising

Known worldwide for his incredible composited advertising work, with complicated lighting setups producing his signature HDR style.

Ryan Brenizer


Award winning NYC wedding photographer and teacher, popularising the Brenizer Method of panoramic portraiture.

Darren Heath


Learn from one of the biggest names in UK F1 photography. Known for his creative and artistic coverage of motor racing.

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Read the Testimonials

Many pros and amateurs have already used the tips in the Shotkit Book to improve their photography skills and grow their photography business. You could be next!

Dixie Dixon - Nikon Ambassador

I absolutely LOVE the new Shotkit Book! Beautifully done and inspiring - it's like taking a sneak peek inside the intriguing world of photographers... discovering the method and gear behind the madness of creation!

Ross Harvey - Wedding Photographer

For those interested in gear - and let's face it, that's most of us! - the ShotKit Book is an absolute must. Not only can you see what your favourite photographers use day in and day out (including bags), the pages are full of beautiful images from each featured photographer. It's a no brainer for the price, an exceptionally well polished and executed product. I wish this was released when I was starting out in photography!

Daniel Usenko - Pixellu

The new Shotkit Book is amazing. Beautifully illustrated and easy to follow. Gear is not everything, but knowing what equipment top professionals use gives insight not available elsewhere.

Matthew Swaggart - Holdfast

Honestly I’m a gear head and I find it fascinating what people use and why. This is why I’m addicted to the Shotkit Book! Mark has put a ton of work into culling together a wonderful cross section of photographers into the context of what they use and why they use it. From weddings to commercial we can be opened up to the gear of choice of so many professionals which unlocks the door of curiosity for all of us.

Citlalli Rico - Wedding Photographer

The Shotkit book is a great source of inspiration and info for anyone interested in photography. I LOVE it!

Leigh Diprose - FStop Lounge

This one of a kind book is fantastic! It's a must read for any photographer who is interested in photography gear! I would highly recommend giving this book to someone who enjoys photography or even get it for yourself - you won't put it down!

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30+ World Class Photographers

30+ Interactive Photo Galleries

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178 Pages

18 Actionable Tips

+ 3 Bonus Videos

+ Lightroom Hot Tips eBook

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About The Author

Mark Condon is a British photographer living in Sydney. He compiled the Shotkit Book to help photography enthusiasts learn from the world's best photographers, and to give an exclusive peek at the camera gear they use everyday.

Mark Condon

"Any photographer knows that it doesn't take the best camera gear to take the best picture. Having said this, we all like to have a nosey around in other people's camera bags! This book is for those of us who love the gear we use as much as the art we produce.

Let's all learn together and become better photographers!"